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Icon Preface to BMRA

Similar to rivers flowing in their defined, natural courses and birds singing in their distinctive lilts, which cannot be changed, music being an intricate embedded part of our lives is something which cannot be taken away from mankind. It is music alone which transcends the boundaries between nations, people and differing cultures. It is music which soothes a baby and it is music which balms the weary and tired soul, lighting the path to freedom. Based on these emotions and the relentless search for pure music, there emerges the formation of the Bangladesh Music Research Academy

Icon Aim & Objective

The salient features of the Academy are: 1. To offer to the common man a taste in practicing pure music and an organized, continuous, structured, teaching plan. 2. An accurate and uncomplicated method of imparting vocal training and music practice. 3. Building an archive on the history of music, from ancient to the modern era. To offer assistance in the detailed explanation of available collections in various forms of data, records, books, videos and lectures. 4. Promoting pure music that represents our culture and tradition. 5. Spreading the heavenly elixir of music amongst all in the society and building bridges to foster friendship and unity. 6. To promote peace and harmony amongst nations and people, through music. The Bangladesh Music Research academy strives for and focuses on implementing a unison of world culture and music. BMRA, a dream project of a group of dedicated musicians and people related to the music world have embarked on this epic voyage. However difficult the hurdles, the torch is lit for onward progress where professionalism will mix with expertise and education and slowly, but surely, BMRA will succeed in imparting music in all forms and splendor to the society, thereby promoting peace, understanding and harmony.
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